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Whatever you drive, Vortex design and manufacture a range of unique exhaust technologies that increases engine power, reduces emissions and improves fuel economy.

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Vortex Exhaust Technology unlocks maximum engine efficiency – whatever you drive

High quality stainless steel exhaust systems for a wide range of applications

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Leading the way in exhaust technology

Vortex Exhaust Technology delivers enhanced engine efficiency and performance, resulting in significant power gains, improved MPG and dramatically reduced emissions.

Vortex stainless steel exhaust systems are suitable for any vehicle with an internal combustion engine working on petrol (gasoline), diesel, bio-fuels and gas-propulsion (CNG, LPG).

Suitable for for a wide range of applications and engine types, Vortex technology typically delivers…

Vortex exhaust technology delivers power gains and better fuel economy
Stainless steel performance exhausts

Stainless Steel High Performance Exhaust Systems

Vortex Exhaust Technology

Vortex™ patented high performance exhaust products are unique and have created a new generation of exhaust technologies that improve volumetric efficiency and eliminate back pressure.

Back pressure is a big problem for internal combustion engines. The engine needs to get rid of burnt gas in order to work; but the flow is blocked by catalytic converters, filters, silencers and baffles – all added by law to reduce certain emissions and noise.

Vortex Exhaust Technology is the only technology that eliminates back pressure, delivering better bhp, more torque, more MPG and significantly reduced emissions. Discover more about Vortex Exhaust Technology >

Stainless steel performance exhaust systems
exhaust technology

Reducing Emissions

Unlike many developing low-carbon technologies, Vortex Exhaust Technology is immediately available and will impact on emissions TODAY.

Increased legislation has forced vehicle manufacturers to reduce vehicle emissions. Consequently, exhaust systems have become more complex in their design and even more restrictive to gas flow, thereby reducing vehicle performance and power.

Vortex products are unique and have created a new generation of exhaust technologies that improve volumetric efficiency, resulting in significant emissions reductions and improvements to fuel consumption and performance.

Vortex exhaust products are made in Britain


Vortex Exhaust Technology design and manufacture an extensive range of automotive high performance exhaust systems. Made in our purpose-built facility, in the United Kingdom, quality control and quality assurance of all parts and assembly is guaranteed. 

We use high-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel in the construction of our patented exhaust products, with regular batch testing to ensure they continue to meet our stringent design specifications.

With a lifetime guarantee offered on all our products, we are proud of our quality assurance, quality control and our exemplary customer satisfaction record.

Vortex is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949 accredited company.

ISO9001 accredited iso14001 accredited iso16949 accredited

How Vortex Exhaust Technology Works

Improved Fuel Economy

Vortex high performance exhaust systems increase engine performance, improving vehicle fuel economy by up to 14%. 


More Power

Vortex exhaust technology eliminates back pressure, allowing a cleaner, more thorough fuel burn and increased air flow, resulting in significant power gains in horse power and torque.


Reduced Emissions

Because fuel is burned more efficiently and completely, harmful and toxic emissions and particulates are reduced, saving your carbon footprint by more than 33%


Discover the Vortex Difference

Unique exhaust technology that improves engine efficiency, giving you more power, more torque and more fun

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